About Golub Group

Golub Group was organized as an independent investment advisory firm in 2003. We serve the investment needs of families, individuals, foundations, and endowments, as well as business-owners seeking advice with their pension and profit-sharing plans. Our clients receive institutional-grade investment management and comprehensive advice with respect to their financial futures. The firm also serves as the manager of separate accounts for other independent financial advisors and a no-load equity mutual fund.

With over $1 billion in assets under management, the firm is large enough to possess highly-sophisticated systems, have access to a wide range of institutional research tools and services, and employ the highest-caliber professional talent, but is small enough to maintain the culture of a boutique investment firm.

Our Founder

The culture of our firm is deeply instilled by its founder, Michael M. Golub, who began his career in the securities industry in 1967. Having lived through decades of market cycles, he understood that growing wealth in securities markets is not inherently complicated, but that it can be extremely difficult in practice if one lacks discipline and the right temperament. Michael formed Golub Group to provide these critical elements to those who have busy lives, who cannot devote the necessary attention to their investments, who need to properly execute their fiduciary responsibilities to others in their care, or who simply have other interests.

After retiring in 2013, Michael continued to impart his wisdom to our team. In February 2016, we were saddened by Michael’s passing. He was a mentor to us all and we will miss him as we remain committed to his values in business and life.