Working With Golub Group

As financial advisors to families and individuals, we lead our clients through a process of discovery to learn about what’s important to them and about the future they want to create. We consider their current and future financial resources, commitments and liabilities, risks and risk-appetite over relevant time horizons, and derive a plan to meet the goals that are articulated through this process. By setting a baseline for success, we can assess our progress over time and make course changes if necessary to see to it that goals are met, and to accommodate shifts in our clients’ circumstances and objectives. If needed, we introduce clients to experts we know and trust in specialized areas of law, accounting, insurance, lending and other disciplines relevant to their situation.  We serve as a valuable member of a team of professionals providing a coordinated solution.

If you would like to explore whether we can assist in establishing and executing a financial plan for you, please contact us.

If you are a professional advisor in areas complementary to our advisory services or a Registered Investment Advisor, and would like to partner with us to provide a coordinated solution to your clients, please contact us today.