Sustainable Wealth Creation

As investors tasked with protecting and growing your wealth, we will not deviate from the time-tested principles that have worked well for the world’s most successful institutional investors. Fortunately, these principles also are tailor-made for families who have long time horizons, are averse to risk, and wish their wealth to compound over time. We allocate client accounts across liquid, marketable equity and fixed-income securities in portfolios designed to reflect individual client time horizons, risk tolerances, cash flow needs and growth objectives. The investment team conducts extensive due diligence of investment opportunities, incorporating external research services and tools, as well as performing proprietary field research and financial analysis, and ultimately submitting prospective investments to a vote of Golub Group’s Investment Committee before any position can be added to client portfolios.

Value Investing

Success in investing requires the temperament to adhere to a few straightforward rules, the discipline to conduct deep analysis to evaluate risk and reward before committing funds to any investment, and the courage of one’s knowledge, experience and judgment.

In serving our clientele, we:

  • Buy quality investments at prices that provide what Benjamin Graham—the father of security analysis and author of one of the seminal books on investing, The Intelligent Investor—called a “margin of safety” to limit risk.
  • Properly diversify holdings across sectors of the global economy.
  • Exercise patience. Of these rules, this is often the most difficult for the typical investor to follow, particularly in emotionally-charged markets, and the adherence to this rule is perhaps the greatest service we offer to our clients.

In our research, we seek to separate fact from hype and let reason, not emotion, drive our decisions. We allow the wisdom and perspective of our analysts, derived from decades of experience with markets and securities research, to deliver an edge over common perception for our clients.

If you identify with our investment philosophy and would like to learn more about the team and its credentials, please contact us.