Mandy Pham CFP®
Financial Advisor

In her role as a Financial Advisor, Mandy advises clients on a wide range of matters (including employee benefits, investment, insurance, tax, and estate planning). By assessing their financial situations and educating clients about their options, Mandy partners with her clients to ensure they have done what is necessary to achieve their goals, to become financially independent, to fund children’s college education, and to protect their families from life’s unexpected circumstances. Mandy finds it incredibly fulfilling to create meaningful impact on the lives of her clients and the people that they care most about.

Prior to joining the Golub Group, Mandy was a Financial Advisor at Stavis and Cohen Financial, a Houston-based financial planning firm, where she worked mostly with executives of Fortune 500 companies. Mandy has a Master’s degree in Personal Financial Planning from Texas Tech University and is a Certified Financial Planner®. She served on the Board of Directors of the Financial Planning Association—Houston chapter (2016-2018) and is currently on the Texas Tech PFP Alumni Advisory Board.

Mandy resides in Palo Alto, CA with her husband. In her free time, she enjoys a good book by the beach or exploring new hiking trails.

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