We are saddened by the loss suffered by so many in the California wildfires this week. If you or your loved ones are impacted, you have our sincere condolences. The personal and financial ramifications are significant, and we are here to help in any way that we can. The capital you have entrusted to us is invested entirely in liquid, marketable securities, which can be converted to cash as needed to cover expenses. For those of you affected by the wildfires or who have suffered damage, please give us a call if you need any guidance through this difficult time. We can help point you to the best source for immediate cash flow needs as well as walk you through important considerations when filing a claim.

These events seem to occur more frequently than one would predict, and they underscore the importance of preparedness not only for the risks that are clear and present, but also for the risks that seem remote. Events like these help remind us to spend some time discussing your risk exposures and considering appropriate adjustments when we get together with you to review your financial plan. We are not in the insurance business, but our professional network includes some truly world-class specialists, and we would be pleased to make an introduction if our planning discussions expose some unaddressed risks.

Please don’t hesitate to call us.

Warm regards,

Colin Higgins